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Rudy Vargas Illustration
Tigerlife Welcome

     Rudy Vargas is a working artist from Visalia California. With over forty years of acrylic painting experience, Rudy has created a soulful unique style, rich with color and rich with the composition influence of the old European Masters.

     Rudy offers portrait work, murals, prints and posters in a genre dedicated to those who serve. His works are displayed in countless locations across the country and abroad. In addition, his work has been recognized by the California State Assembly and the United States House Of Representatives. You can also view more works by the artist at Rudyvargas.com.

     Enjoy... as you visit... the very best in portrait & figure painting.

Tigerlife Armed Forces Art

Rudy Vargas Illustration / Camp Rhino

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Tigerlife Old Favorites

Private Commission

Services Offered
Large volume poster creation, 300 min.
Small volume fine art prints
Limited edition prints, signed & numbered
Private commissioned paintings
(Family Heirlooms)
Large scale public mural projects
Private mural projects
Digital artwork and custom logos
Public commissioned paintings

Rudy Vargas Illustration / Internal Debrief

Rudy works from his home studio,
He does not advertise and he is
not listed in the phone book or
yellow pages.
Visalia, California


Go to Rudyvargas.com

SINCE 1999


T-shirt design 

In this video,
you will see 6 weeks of work
captured in 6 minutes.
Turn up the volume as Rudy
paints to the sound of one of his favorites,

Dawning of a Massacre
Featured Artists
For the first time, Tigerlife.com will introduce
a featured artist(s).
Dawning of a Massacre
had to be the first featured.
A must see California metal band
who delivers a passionate and moving performance
whether it be for
one or one thousand

San Joaquin Valley's
Nate Diaz defeats
Ireland's Coner McGregor
Hats off to Nate and Coner 
True Warriors

Thought Provoking

Rudy Vargas Illustration / ESU poster

Commissioned by members of the
NYPD Emergency Service Unit
A tribute to those lost in 9-11 and those who
continue to serve, past and present

Buy ESU poster

Made in America

"A Generation Forever Changed"

Rudy Vargas Illustration / A Generation Forever Changed
A tribute mural to all those who served in
the Vietnam War
Located at the Visalia Convention Center
Visalia, California

Art Is Long * Life Is Short
The desire to paint stories
of the world has been
with us since early man.
History has proven,
great civilizations
fall and it is the Art
that survives for
those who follow.
History is
and always will be
a window to the future.
Man will fall but his
Art will never die.
K-9 Art

Tigerlife.com / K-9 Art

Sierra K-9 Trials
30th Anniversary
T-shirt and brochure cover design 
Visalia, California 
Tigerlife Firefighter Art

Rudy Vargas Illustration / Organista

Striking, Unique
and Colorful

Rudy Vargas Illustration / Equal Justice

The Perfect Family Heirloom

Rudy works hard to create
the best and most positive visual
for his clients.
The possibilities are endless.

Rudy Vargas Illustration

Rudy Vargas Illustration
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Rudy's YouTube Channel