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Rudy Vargas Illustration

I would like to thank the individuals below
who took the time to write a few kind words about my work.
Thank you and I hope to always make you proud,


Statement Before the United States House of Representatives.
In Recognition of Rudy Vargas, talented artist
Statement in Congressional Record,
Dated November 2003, Washington DC

California Legislature Assembly Resolution
In Recognition of Rudy Vargas for use of considerable
talents and contributions to the People of the State of California.
Dated November 11, 2003
Member Resolution No. 2599
Sacramento, California

Central California Mariachi Heritage Foundation
"Rayo De Lune" Award
Honoring Latinos in the Arts, Artist Rudy Vargas
Dated October 11, 2003
Visalia, California

Rudy, you are truly amazing! You captured Officer Green in "Green America" down to the very last detail. This painting shall truly be a family heirloom forever. Thank you for the time you took to give us this priceless memento...

These paintings come from the soul of one who knows. My husband was killed in the line of duty January 1998. Rudy was there for him and has been here for me.Through his paintings I see the honor and the valor of being an officer because he paints from the heart. His paintings keep my memories alive.
Merrily Rapozo

I too am a veteran of a law enforcement career, mine goes back to 1958. With the exception of SWAT, been there-done that! I commissioned Rudy to produce a painting commemorating my daughter's memorial services following her lingering illness with cancer. Rudy is, without a hint of hesitation or reservation, a highly accomplished artist who can just reach and grab you by the heart strings.
Thank you Rudy
Ken Billick

I am a 21 year veteran of law enforcement, 16 of which I have spent on a tactical unit. I was honored to be the subject of one of Rudy Vargas' portraits called "Justice Is Comin" (I am the swat cop on the far right.) I believe Rudy's knowledge and first hand experience of the tactical world allowed him to capture 4 members of our team in their true spirit. Each of the 3 deputies I am pictured with have been identified in their own individual way. Rudy captured the swagger of a confident warrior, the small smile of the swat deputy who has been in combat before and the determined look of the tactical officer who knows he must complete his mission. These are the deputies Vargas has brought to canvas for others who have worn the heavy vest and kevlar helmet to identify with. Unless you have been there, you don't know what its like. Rudy has been there and through his art others will be there too.
Jack Amoroso
Kings Co. Sheriff's Office

I had the honor of serving with Rudy as my S.W.A.T. team leader for four years. As a fellow former member of the United States Marine Corps, Rudy not only personifies the ideal police officer, but genuine leadership ability and purpose and dedication. His art comes not only from his vast experience but from his heart and soul. Semper Fi.
J. M. Chamberlain
Visalia P.D.

 I had the pleasure of meeting Rudy Vargas during National Police Week 1999. It is a great honor for me to have an opportunity to tell you how his artwork has touched my life. As a law enforcement officer for the past 22 years, I don't recall ever seeing artwork that depicts the detailed emotions that Rudy seems to capture in his work. When I asked him to do something special to commemorate this year's Southeast Police Motorcycle Rodeo, he came up with "Cultivation of Courage". The day it arrived, I was so overwhelmed that it brought tears to my eyes.

Rudy is a truly gifted artist. It is obvious that a piece of his heart is in every print. Thank you Rudy.
Joan Donnelly, President
South Florida Concerns of Police Survivors

Rudy Vargas Illustration / Isaac Portrait

On September the 8th, 1997 at 1:30 A.M. a knock on our door began a nightmare that would change our lives forever. A Deputy from the Fresno County Sheriff's Department and an Officer from the Reedley Police Department were there to inform us that Deputy Jeff Isaac, our son and brother, had been in an auto accident while on-duty and was being airlifted to University Medical Center in Fresno.
Upon arrival at UMC, we were told that Jeff was having a rough time while in surgery. Many Deputies and Officers filled the hallways surrounding the waiting room. Sheriff Magarian joined us in praying that Jeff would pull through. He did not. At approximately 5 A.M. the doctor told us that Jeff had died of massive internal injuries.
Our family takes great pride in being deeply rooted in law enforcement. I am a retired Parole Agent, Greg our youngest son and brother to Jeff is a Deputy for the Fresno County Sheriff's Department and my son-in-law is a Parole Agent. As you might imagine my wife and daughter have had their share of cop stories.
I met Rudy about one year ago at a COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors) meeting in Selma. That was my first chance to see his paintings. My son has been gone now for 4 ½ years and I still have an emptiness that I felt Rudy could help fill. I asked Rudy to do a painting, which included two sons, my grandson, son-in-law and myself. He named the painting "Behind The Red Light", how appropriate. Rudy, God has given you a special talent and a compassionate heart and I thank him for that. I have been blessed by getting to know you.
Leon Isaac,President
Central California Concerns of Police Survivors

Rudy Vargas Illustration
Copyright 1999-2017

Rudy Vargas Illustration

Rudy Vargas Illustration / Alfa Company Devils

American flag over Balad Ruz, Iraq
Rudy Vargas would like to thank the
following warriors for such a special gift;
Teresa Maurer
and the crew of the
Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter;
Coy Pennington, Pilot in Command
Jeremy N. Horton, Co-Pilot
Trevor Pack, Crew Chief
Thank you!

Rudy Vargas Illustration / Ed Chan

A Testimonial to Ed Brett Chan
Fresno P.D

In July, 2006, long time street cop, Ed Brett Chan, was killed by a drunk driver. Days after his death, Rudy was contacted by Ed’s oldest son, Al, and asked to give the Eulogy for his father’s services.
It goes thus;
On behalf of Brett’s mother Virgie and his children Al, Nick and Robin, We would like to thank each and every one of you for your show of support today.
The man went by Brett, Ed, Eddie and Pug. When he gained a little weight, to annoy him, I called him Well Fed Ed. I can’t repeat what he called me. This was our friendship, it was raw and political correctness was not part of it. In all honesty, I’ve cleaned this up quite a bit, but if I slip, I’m certain the man upstairs will give me a pass.
I knew him as Ed and I’ll tell you who he was to me.
My name is Rudy Vargas; I am a former Visalia Police Officer and worked closely with Ed as his partner in the Special Enforcement Unit and SWAT. These were his last assignments prior to him leaving for Fresno PD in the late 90’s. Visalia’s loss was Fresno’s gain.
Ed was one hell-a street cop!
I first met Ed in 1988. He was working as a street cop patrolling an area in Visalia cops commonly referred to as “Sin City.”
Our meeting was such;
Officer Chan had me spread eagle on my ride, searching my person, while performing a “Joe Friday” interrogation. He held on to me for a long time because he just knew I was up to no good, and I was. Ed ran me for warrants every way possible. He checked me for track marks and 11550 (under the influence of narcotics) and it was the radio traffic that alerted a command staff member to my situation. This staff member responded to the scene and instructed Ed to cut me loose. I could see a frost appearing over Ed’s behind, he had no choice but to cut me loose. He told me, “I’ll be looking out for you”, as he handed back my false identification. With a smirk on my face, I told him “Have a nice day Officer”.
I recognized early on that Ed’s observation skills, tenacity, and outright care for the community were without question a cut above.
I was a new face in a crime ridden area and he immediately scoped me out and took action to find out who the heck I was.
Unbeknownst to Ed, I was working a year long undercover operation, and I had just been schooled as to why the crooks always told me,
“Watch out for Chan”.
Months later, the operation came to an end and was exposed to the public by a roundup and media coverage. On this day, I was able to tour a portion of the police department, other than a holding cell. The first person I ran into was Officer Chan. With a two fisted grab of my dirty wife beater shirt, he said, “You SOB, you don’t know how bad I wanted you. I still remember that smirk on your face when I had to cut you loose”. I told him, “You’re a good cop Officer Chan”. And with the same smirk on my face I asked, “Can we be friends?” And as he let me go and brushed me off, he said, “Hell Yeah, Dude!”
This was the kind of cop Ed was.
As we began to work together Ed and I found we shared many common interests.
We were both Marines and we often cracked on each other about who had it harder, but if a sailor tried get some of that action, together, we ate him for lunch!
We both loved SWAT and Ed was the most progressive and resourceful member I knew. He was always looking for a better way of doing things.
Ed loved his kids deeply and I can say from personal knowledge he would do anything for them. He would and he did lay everything on the line for his kids and I am witness to this.
While partnered up on The Special Enforcement Unit we would often stop by his mom Virgie’s place to check on her. Virgie would give us a little something, something to eat or drink and with a mothers comfort, sent us on our way.
After Ed left Visalia PD we lost touch. I went on to experience my own tragedies and even though we lost touch, one of the first persons there to show support and offer comfort was my old partner Eddie, he never let me down.
And this was the kind of man he was.
The citizens of Visalia and the citizens of Fresno reaped the benefits of having Officer Chan patrolling their streets.
And with every drop of my blood, I stand before you here today and ask every soul in this house to lay this man to rest with the utmost
 Dignity, Honor and Respect.
Thank you,
Eulogy, Monday, July 24, 2006
Rudy Vargas

Rudy Vargas Illustration / Cultivation of Courage

My name is Bill Brown and I have been a police officer for 25 years in Weymouth, Massachusetts and I am currently assigned to the Special Operations Division of my department, in the motorcycle unit. I am also one of the founders, and on the Board of Directors, of the Massachusetts Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors. I recently heard of Rudy through a good friend of mine on the Miami Beach PD, who works with me in Washington, DC each year counseling children who have lost parents in the line of duty. She told me of a work that Rudy had just completed illustrating
of a motor officer.
I called Rudy and requested that he send me one of the limited edition,
which he did. I have to say that I was very impressed and happy with Rudy's work. The print is hanging in my office and has drawn many favorable comments in the short time that it has been hanging there. It especially means a lot to me because my little boy is just like Rudy's son, who is pictured in the print. He loves anything to do with police and police motorcycles in particular.
I am really looking forward to seeing some of Rudy's other work and will be more than happy to refer people to his works. Keep up the great work, Rudy. Policing needs the type of exposure that you give it.
Bill Brown