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Rudy Vargas Illustration

Artist Profile
Rudy Vargas at Tigerlife.com

I am deeply thankful
to all who make it possible
so that I may do what I do.

Independent Artist since 1999.
Former Marine Sgt.
1/7 Grunts!
Former Cop of 15 or so years.
Special Enforcement Unit
Visalia PD SWAT

Some say, a bit of a

Rudy was born and raised in Hanford, California.
He attended Roosevelt Elementary School,
Woodrow Wilson Jr. High and
Hanford High School.
(Class of 1977)
His higher education includes studies in
History, Art History and Painting.
The foundation for his art was set
early-on by his parents who are artists and
teachers who inspired him to do the work.
After high school,
Rudy enlisted in the U.S.M.C.
and is a former Marine Sgt. for 1/7 grunts.
While in the grunts,
Rudy continued to paint during his off time.
There may even be a few fellow Marines from
back in the day who may own some of his paintings.
Shortly after discharging from the Corps,
Rudy became a Police Officer.
As an officer, Rudy never lost his artistic vision and made a vow.
He vowed...
At the age of 40 he would live the life of an artist.
Rudy held various assignments after several years of schooling
in the fine art of becoming a productive street cop.
His assignments included:
Deep Cover and Narcotics, Special Enforcement and S.W.A.T.
yet he continued to paint during his off time.
At the age of 40 and after almost 16 years as a police officer,
Rudy, true to his vow,
turned in his badge and gun for a paint brush.
Rudy has been an Independent Artist since 1999.
His works are displayed in countless locations across
the country and abroad.
In addition, his work has been recognized by
The California State Assembly
The United States House Of Representatives. 
Rudy is deeply grateful to
all those who make it possible for him to do what he does
and his work reflects
all those who have come in contact with him whether it be
good, bad, intimate or distant.
Rudy now resides and works from his
home in Visalia, California
located in the
San Joaquin Valley

USMC Rudy back in the day

I am asked many times, "Rudy, of all
the work you've done which do
you feel is your best?"
My answer is and always will be...
"The next I'm about to do!"

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91st Division Pipe and Drums

Rudy proudly poses with the models of his FAREWELL piece,
The 91st Division Pipes and Drums.
California Peace Officer's Memorial Service
Sacramento California

National Peace Officer's Memorial in Washington D. C.

National Peace Officer's Memorial
Washington D.C.
In Honor Of
Fellow SWAT Officer
James Rapozo
EOW Jan. 9, 1998

Rudy Vargas Illustration

Jack Amoroso, Glenn Newsom, Mike Chamberlain,
Rudy and Tim Haskill.
National Peace Officer's Memorial
Washington D.C.

Rudy Vargas Illustration


Rudy Vargas Illustration
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